Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Today's topic: Men Who Love Too Much

The lovely Andrew-out-of-Phixx has been champing at the bit* since yesterday to start answering your problems and making the world a better place. He's sharpened his best pencil, put on his smartest jumper and perfected eight separate thoughtful-yet-sympathetic expressions. So without further ado, it's over to today's troubled soul, dvboy from Lincoln.

Dear Andrew-out-of-Phixx

Do you want to come over and play with my toys tomorrow? I already asked my mummy and she says it's OK if your mum says so.

The lovely Andrew replies:Dear dvboy,
I wouldn't say this necessarily classifies as a problem, though I'm not complaining. It's always nice to have an easy one to start with so I can work my way in gently.
I'm afraid I will be unable to come to your house tomorrow, as I will be working here writing my column. They pay me by the second, y'see, so the longer I'm here, the more money I get. However, if you want to come and visit me in my office, you're more than welcome. Just remember to ask an adult before crossing the road and to bring all your new Transformers.
This might be a good time to warn everyone of the dangers of meeting strangers off the internet. It all looks like fun, I know, but remember, it's very easy for someone to make up a false persona online and trick you into meeting up under false pretences. Stay aware, and be safe.
Andrew xx

And there we have it. His first column, and already he's a natural. More from The Lovely Andrew tomorrow. Please keep your problems coming in the meantime, he's such a handful if he gets bored.

*Of course we restrained him. We thought he'd feel more at home that way.


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