Monday, February 16, 2004

New Feature In "Thwarted Before It Got Off The Ground" Tragedy

Other bloggers out there will know exactly what I'm saying when I talk about how agonising it is to come up with a really good feature for your weblog, only to find it doesn't really work when you actually try to post it. Such is the feeling I'm having today.

I was going to have a feature called "I didn't date one of Blazin' Squad" - the reason being that I was watching Top of the Pops Saturday this weekend and realised that Reepa bears an uncanny resemblance to my ex-boyfriend. Unfortunately, none of the pictures I can find anywhere even back this up remotely, and I suspect I may have imagined the whole thing.

Nevertheless, I don't have enough ideas to let them just slide away like that, so publish and be damned, I'm going to run with it.



I hereby reserve the right to alter the above pictures if I find some that actually prove my point.


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