Friday, January 30, 2004

Shit happens.

A moment's silence, please, for the demise of pop supergroup Atomic Kitten.

During their brief time with us, they gave us some wonderful nuggets of pop supremity, such as 'Whole Again', that one that was 'Whole Again' with slightly different lyrics, and the one that sounded a bit like 'Whole Again'.

And it's not just the music we're losing. Here were three talented girls with vibrant, striking personalities. Their irrefutable individuality is clearly demonstrated by the illustration above.

Let us also not forget the exciting showbiz stories they gave us, such as the fight over which one got to have short blonde hair.

Good luck with your solo projects, Atomic Kitten. We're sure they will be long and successful. I mean, okay, most of the Spice Girls solo careers went to shit quite quickly, but that's not going to happen to girls like you with such a firm grasp of what makes a good pop song, is it?

(Transparent insincerity aside, we're quite pleased that Atomic Shitten have split up. We were more upset when Kerry left because she was the only interesting one, and they stopped making good songs shortly after that. Girls Aloud splitting might upset us. The Sugababes splitting, certainly. Atomic Kitten? Botherd.)


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