Wednesday, January 21, 2004

AlistairWatch Returns: JontyWatch

Okay, we admit that we've been neglecting our post on AlistairWatch this week: partly because of all the Frances Ruffelle-related jollity, and partly because the TVs in our office always seem to be watching repeats of Little Britain when Cash in the Attic is on. However, the odd snatches that we've managed to catch a glimpse of have been indicating that Lorne Spicer's reign of terror is far from over.

So we were pleasantly surprised to note today that not only was Alistair presenting the show, but he was in Brighton, and Jonty Hearnden was the resident valuer. This meant that what we saw of the show was nice and camp, just how Cash in the Attic ought to be. However, it was a little sad for us to learn that our conspiracy theories about Alistair and Jonty running off together to raise Himalayan whistle kids in Vermont are transparently untrue.

To quell our disappointment on this issue, we've been giving serious thought to writing some hardcore Alistair and Jonty slash fiction. But then we thought, "we can do better than that", and in another foray into interactivity, we want to you send us your Alistair and Jonty slash fiction - make it as bizarre or disturbing as you like. E-mail me with your stories, and anything that's sufficiently fascinating/non-libellous will be posted on the site. Woo!


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