Thursday, January 08, 2004

Damn right, it's better than yours

We're not usually so forthcoming when it comes to handing out accolades here at Panda Pops, but for once we're throwing caution to the wind and prematurely declaring 'Milkshake' by Kelis to be the best single of 2004.*

Now, we know that Kelis is up against Pop Idol winner Michelle "No Surname, Thanks" McManus in this week's chart, and we don't really expect Kelis to win the battle. But that's fine, because most of the best songs of last year didn't get to number one either.

There has been some debate as to what the line "my milkshake brings the boys to the yard" actually refers to, but the most common consensus (and the one that's apparently come from Kelis herself) is that it refers to shakin' that booty. In that case, Michelle would also be in possession of a considerable milkshake of her own.

So, in a rare foray into interactivity, we want to know whose milkshake is most likely to bring the boys to the yard - Kelis's or Michelle's - and why? Stick your answers in the comment boxes below, and (assuming we get any kind of decent response to this), the best ones will be posted on the site and might win a prize or something.

*Naturally, we reserve the right to change our minds later in the year.


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