Thursday, January 08, 2004

AlistairWatch: Day Four

The good news: once again this morning Alistair was in his rightful place fronting Cash in the Attic.

The unsettling news: we've realised that another fundamental part our initial attraction to this programme is missing, and frankly we're disgusted with ourselves for not noticing sooner. The best part of Cash in the Attic isn't Alistair Appleton, it's Alistair Appleton filming the pre-titles teaser in a windy street wearing A Big Scarf. It would appear that this series was filmed entirely in weather that was at best warm, and at worst clement, and that just won't do. Note to producers: please film the next series in late autumn or early spring, and return to us the wondrous sight of Alistair in A Big Scarf.


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