Sunday, February 22, 2004


Okay, we hold our hands up, this isn't remotely pop-related, but we had to feature it because it's just so fucking brilliant. Residents of Llanddewi Brefi in Wales - possibly all 638 of them, although this has yet to be confirmed - are apparently none too pleased at the way their village was represented by Matt Lucas and David Walliams in Little Britain.

Their chief problem appears to be Daffyd's perpetual claim that he is "the only gay in the village", which they feel implies that Llanddewi Brefi is some kind of behind-the-times cultural backwater. In a spectacular case of point-missing, they apparently failed to notice that in the show Llanddewi Brefi is full of gayers and Daffyd just happens to have a very strong case of delusion.

By far the best bit of this news story, however, was when they pointed out that there have been two gays in the village - just not at the same time. Fan-bloody-tastic.

(Our thanks to Broadcast magazine for this story.)


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