Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Today's topic: I Just Want To Get Along With You

It's a tough life being a popstar, you know. It's not all endless bouts of taking your shirt off on Top of the Pops and answering inept questions from Cat Deeley on CD:UK. Popstars know hardship just like the rest of us, and that makes them better people. Better than us, obviously, because they have rock-hard pecs and nice hair. Speaking of which, The Lovely Andrew from Phixx is here to write his column again - hurrah! Today's angst-ridden correspondent is Mr Marzipan from Leamington Spa:

Dear Andrew from Phixx,

What an interesting middle name and surname you have! Please help me. I really, really hate the people I work with, and I want to slap them to death. Others lead me to believe that this is not the way to behave in public, but how else can I find a solution to this problem of their existence?

All my love,

Mr M

The lovely Andrew replies: Dear Mr Marzipan,
This is an all too common problem these days. There is such stress of the youth of today to be overachievers in order to establish an individuality in the workplace, and more often than not this can spill out into bitter resentment amongst their contemporaries.
Your friends are right to advise you not to pursue your plans of slapping them to death: not only is this generally regarded as illegal, but it would make your hands very sore. Why not take a pair of headphones to work with you so you can ignore them unless you actually have to speak to them? Do an exemplary job of your work (as I'm sure you do already) so that they have absolutely no grounds to make you feel like you're not pulling your weight, and if all else fails, put sandpaper on the toilet seat.
Good luck with your career,
Andrew xx

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