Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Well, 2005 hasn't got off to a brilliant start in the bands-staying-together stakes, has it? First Busted (sniff), and now the lovely Mis-Teeq have decided to go their separate ways.

We can't say it came as a huge surprise, to be honest. They didn't really reappear much over here since their record label went bust, and we felt certain that if they were really making inroads in the States, we'd probably have heard more about it.

We shan't cry about it, because that's not our way; we will simply remember the good times. For example:

"Mis-Teeq with the bump and flex!"
"It's the Mis-Teeq ladies - we're coming back strong!"
"So-so-so scandalous..."

And never underestimate the value of a self-referential lyric:

"A one night stand just ain't enough..." (from 'Scandalous', not 'One Night Stand' - ha ha!)

Alesha, Sabrina, and (to a lesser extent, because you never did very much) Su Elise, Panda Pops salutes you. God speed in your future endeavours.


At 7:38 am, Blogger Rob7534 said...

Aw, how sweet Steve. But how do you know Su Elise didn't do more "behind the scenes?" Not that I know who these people are. I'll just shut up now.

At 10:18 am, Blogger Nelly said...

Bye bye Mis-Teeq :,-(

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