Friday, January 21, 2005


We were listening to an old mixtape last night (yes, mixtape, how very vintage) and happened upon an old Kenickie song that we rather loved but had forgotten about.

Then we started to think, "poor Kenickie. So underappreciated in their time, so good for more than two albums if they hadn't split."

We ruminated further, "poor Kenickie. Split after apparent infighting and unhappiness in the band."

We continued, "poor Kenickie. Always at the arch, punkier end of pop but forever misunderstood, with people such as that twat Ian McCulloch listing 'Punka' as the worst new single of the week after he completely missed the point of the song."

And then we realised: Kenickie were the Busted of the 1990s.

So, flash forward to the future, what do we see? Presumably Charlie gets his own show on XFM and does some TV presenting, James and Matt form another band and refuse to answer any questions about Busted, before eventually disbanding after finding that their second band isn't working for them either. Possibly.


At 10:37 am, Blogger Nelly said...

Kenickie are not Busted.

Kenickie are just Kenickie.

The played 'In Your Car' at Potty Mouth the other week - I went wild!

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