Friday, December 17, 2004


...but an article on the BBC News website caught our attention earlier (read the full story here). Apparently a millionaire tycoon has promised to match the proceeds of the sales of the Band Aid single and live DVD. A very laudable and charitable act, we think, and we applaud him for that. But we were drawn to this paragraph:

Mr Hunter said he was inspired to donate the money by a documentary which suggested the situation in Ethiopia had barely improved since 1984.

Really? So the two previous Band Aid singles didn't change the world? So why are we being fed all this crap by Chris Martin and co. about how it doesn't matter that they made a shit song, because what counts is the charity and the fact that they're really making a difference? Shut up, Chris Martin.

It's not that we're not charitable, indeed, we're going to donate some money to the cause as well (but we're going to donate directly rather than buying Band Aid 20, because we don't believe that charity is ever an excuse for making shit records), but why are we being subjected to all of this "we're changing the world" bollocks if it's going to make next to no fucking difference? Is it just so a bunch of "proper" musicians can look like they care? We really hope not, because the cynicism of that very idea makes us feel very sad.


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