Thursday, November 25, 2004


We recently found ourselves in the thoroughly unenviable position of not entirely disliking Brian McFadden's new single. Before you all run off to report us to Jump The Shark, don't worry, we're not going to buy it or anything, we just find it relatively catchy and inoffensive. Bear in mind that the yardstick we have to compare it to is Brian's work as part of Westlife, so you can see how it's not too tricky to come out of that smelling of roses.

Sadly we cannot issue any kind of Panda-related support to Brian because it has come to our attention that the standard of grammar in his song titles is less than satisfactory. It's been brought to our attention that his album includes tracks called 'Lose Lose Situation' and 'Sorry Love Daddy' (sic to both).

Just when we'd forgiven Kelly Rowland for Pop Crimes Against Correct English, another offender rears his unshaven head. Oh, Brian - is there some kind of puncuation embargo at your record company? Would it have been so hard to make the title 'Sorry, Love Daddy'? It would have made more sense. In the other case, you are positively swimming in alternatives. 'Lose-Lose Situation'? 'Lose/Lose Situation'? Either would have been preferable to the punctuation vortex you decided to follow. Punctuation is a wonderful thing, Brian. We can only hope that the tabloid rumours about you and Delta Goodrem are true; at least she remembered to put a comma in 'Not Me, Not I'.

DISCLAIMER: Any instances of incorrect grammar in the post above are totally irrelevant. Pop is a medium that has the potential to influence millions of people. Panda Pops influences, on average, three people.


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