Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Cast your minds back to our recent post about Il Divo, where we came to the following conclusion:

And I'm wondering who the hell is going to buy this shit? I'd even credit Westlife fans with more refined tastes. Hell, I'd credit Atomic Kitten fans more sophisticated than that.

Well, it seems we gave the Great British Public too much credit, as per bloody usual, since Simon Cowell's wretchedly bland genre-hopping boyband (no, not Westlife, the other one) are set for a number one album this week. Presumably the CD will just look really nice nestled in the collection between Dido and Katie Melua.

A WARNING TO RECORD-BUYERS EVERYWHERE: In an effort to make you see sense, we are not above substituting your Il Divo CDs and barcodes for those of Tyler James. You know, someone who's actually not shit.


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