Wednesday, September 29, 2004


As my most recent, pro-Rachel Stevens, entry might have suggested, I'm not exactly the most discerning listener there has ever been. Indeed, you can pretty much dress up any old shit and sell it to me if it's got a hummable tune and someone moderately good-looking at the front.

But I'm listening to a promo CD of Simon Cowell's new "popera" boyband Il Divo, and their single, 'Regressa Mi'. It's 'Unbreak My Heart'. In Italian. Sung in a not-especially-impressive-or-powerful-it-might-actually-be-Gareth-Gates cod-opera style. And I'm wondering who the hell is going to buy this shit? I'd even credit Westlife fans with more refined tastes. Hell, I'd credit Atomic Kitten fans more sophisticated than that.

Jesus wept.


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