Thursday, September 16, 2004


We were reading Popjustice this morning, and we came to a horrible realisation on the subject of Rachel Stevens. Let us have a brief walk through her discography:

1. 'Sweet Dreams My L.A. Ex' - we liked this. No surprise there, so did a lot of people.
2. 'Funky Dory' - we liked this too. A bit harder to qualify, since no one else appeared to and it bombed like a Bush.
3. 'Some Girls' - we liked this an' all. "But it's okay," we thought. "It's really a Richard X track with Rachel just doing the vocals. This doesn't mean anything."
4. 'More More More' - this is where it gets sticky. This is an awful track. It wasn't a terribly good song in the first place, but Rachel's vocals are weak, the backing track is comical, the production poor - and yet we still keep playing it. Which probably means we like this too, despite there being no earthly reason why we should.

So, unfortunately, we have taken this to mean that we are officially a Rachel Stevens fan. And with that, ladies and gents, Panda Pops promptly jumped the shark. We can only consider this karmic payback for what we said about Popbitch last time. Not that that makes Popbitch any less shit these days. In fact, jumping the shark shouldn't really bother us that much, since we were shit all along. Phew!


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