Thursday, October 14, 2004


In a move that will surprise precisely no-one, we're basically going to paraphrase something that was on Popjustice a few weeks back and claim it's all our own work.

We had the honour and privilege to be invited to a showcase for Tyler James today in Glamorous London, so we popped on our best clobber (and then buried it under three inches of waterproofing, such is the weather in Glamorous London today) and headed on down.

In between our amusing experiences of managing to get guacamole all over our coat and trying to look like we weren't a complete loser despite not actually knowing anyone in the room, we were privy to live performances of four songs from his forthcoming album, including ace lead single 'Why Do I Do'.

Tyler's been tipped as the British Justin Timberlake, which seems a slightly odd comparison because there's nothing in his music that really qualifies it (apart from the bits where he sounds vaguely like the Backstreet Boys, but then Justin was in N*Sync, not Backstreet), so this is presumably because he is young, British, male, achingly cool, talented and not ugly. And he's got rain in his new video, just like there was in 'Cry Me A River'. Briefly.

Imagine, if you will, a fantasy world where Amy Winehouse has had Will Young's babies. Those babies would sound like Tyler James. Yes, even the girls. Coincidentally, Ms Winehouse is a very good friend of Tyler's, and they've known each other since he was 13. The concept of William Winehouse might not exactly float your boat, but let's put it this way: it is very clear that Tyler James was put on this earth to show up jazz gnome Jamie Cullum for the talentless, soul-stealing, coattail-riding hack he has always been. With any luck, he'll take Katie Fucking Melua down with him too...

*It's funny how we go away for ages, but when we come back, our puns haven't got any better, isn't it?


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