Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Never let it be said that we are less than charitable. In order to distract attention away from such shallow pursuits as who would make the best slashfic pairing in One True Voice, we're going to take a few seconds to do our bit for charidee.

This is Collette. She is a tops-as Oz popstar from some years back, and the good folks over at CFB Goes Pop have taken it upon themselves to promote her international-style. Indeed, they have promised that if 20 websites give a shout-out to Fly Girl C, not only will they sponsor a child in the Third World as part of Scat Aid (itself in honour of the passing of Scatman John, skee-ba-dop-ba-dop-bop), but they will resurrect comedy goldmine The Indie Life for one whole week.

This may not be an original idea, but I thought I'd write a poem to honour Collette.

Oh Collette
We owe you such a debt
You were without par
Oh Collette
You were not a vet
But a pop superstar
We want to adore you
Indeed, we implore you
Come back to us yet
The world of pop needs you
We're sure it would please you
Oh Collette, oh Collette, oh Collette.

Finally - the English degree is put to good use!


At 1:13 pm, Blogger mordi said...

i own a song by colletee too- but i'm not sure what it was called- it's up in my parents attic somewhere.
Did she sing ring my bell?

At 12:04 pm, Blogger Steve said...

She did indeed.


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