Friday, January 14, 2005


Well, we can't say it comes as a huge surprise, but that doesn't mean we're not still very upset at the demise of The Busted.

We could join in with a lot of embittered fans and have a big long rant about how much we hate Charlie right now, make fun of his eyebrows, say that Fightstar are shit and we hope they all die, but we'd like to think that we're above all that, so we'll simply list some of the reasons why we're glad that Busted existed in the first place.

1. 'She Wants To Be Me' is one of the best songs ever.
2. That bit in America Or Busted where James dares Matt to have a shit in CBGB's.
3. The 'Crashed The Wedding' video.
4. The Busted jump. Oh, how we'll miss the Busted jump.
5. Because if Busted hadn't been a success, we'd never have had V.
6. Or McFly, which we would be less upset about if Harry weren't so unbelievably fit.
7. Matt was the reason Nicola from Girls Aloud wrote "I am a rude ginger bitch...botherd!" in Tipp-Ex on her skirt at G-A-Y.
8. All the space that Victoria Newton devoted to "exclusively revealing!" that Busted were to split over the past six months meant that she had less space to fill with all the other crap she pulls out of her arse.
9. Indie snobs had to think up a new reason beyond "they don't write their own songs" by which to hate pop music.
10. The extreme amount of slash fiction devoted to them hopefully suggests that teenage girls of the future will be far more tolerant of homosexuality, thus leading to a drastic reduction in homophobic hate crimes.

And that, as Girls Aloud would say, is that.


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