Wednesday, March 10, 2004


There were many reasons why we wanted Will Young to win Pop Idol all those many moons ago, one of which being that we found him generally rather charming. We're not going to use this as an opportunity to make fun of Gareth Gates, but let's face it: in interviews, Will's always far more entertaining.

This morning, like most mornings, we were passing the bleary-eyed time between the alarm going off and actual waking up by watching the telly, and as we flicked across the channels we noticed that Will Young was on GMTV, so we stopped to watch. Fiona Phillips was asking him lots of bland and uninteresting questions, as is her wont ("Do you have more control of your career now?" "Do you think Gareth's finished?" "Is it nice writing your own songs?") and Will was doing his best to answer in a diplomatic yet entertaining fashion.

So far, so blah. But then they decided to go to a weather report (if I'd know what was coming, I'd've tried to find out who the weather presenter was, but sadly I was still too bleary-eyed), which continued in a bland workmanlike GMTV fashion until halfway through, when Will clearly got a bit bored and decided he wanted to do the weather forecast instead. He invaded the set and stood in front of the weather presenter, made it perfectly obvious that he didn't know where to point on the map and couldn't read the autocue, and ended up having her work his arms in a puppet-like fashion and whisper the forecast into his ear (and even then he still got it a bit muddled, bless him.)

We then returned to Eamonn and Fiona on the sofa, as a dour Eamonn remarked, "The last person to do that was Michael Barrymore. Look what happened to him." Cut back to Will in the weather corner, looking a combination of horrendously embarrassed and completely hysterical with laughter.

Admittedly, this won't win any awards for comic ingenuity, but it certainly got me off to work this morning with a smile on my face. Will should get an OBE for services to morning television, though we'd prefer it if the Michael Barrymore comparisons ended where they began, please.


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