Monday, March 15, 2004


Yes, folks: we're armed with software and we're not afraid to use it. In other words, we've finally got our hands on some decent photoshop software and a copy of Dreamweaver, and we've decided it's high time for a makeover. We're going to try and iron out some of the design glitches on this site that have been bothering us more or less since its conception, and we're hoping to generally funk it up a bit, possibly with a brand new URL and stuff.

So, there may be fewer updates over the next couple of weeks while we battle with modern technology (just picture Steve banging his head against the keyboard, that's almost certainly going to happen daily) in the hope of bringing you a new, improved Panda Pops, or whatever it's called when we're finished with it (possibly something that won't get us sued by soft drinks manufacturers). We're going to try and keep up our winning* brand of pop-related banter and conjecture in the meantime, but if we're slower than usual, please forgive us. And stay tuned for updates on the new improved site!

*DISCLAIMER: Total number of awards won: nil.


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