Saturday, November 08, 2003

Panda Pops presents: a public service

Every so often we find a wrong that needs to be righted. A good example of this is Kelly Osbourne, though we've not managed to right her yet. We witnessed a major wrong tonight on Pop Idol; a wrong involving The Lovely Susanne. The very fact that it involves The Lovely Susanne means it automatically receives Drastic Unforgivable Wrong status.

We would like to offer all the judges from Pop Idol the opportunity to have their ears syringed free of charge. Seriously, it's totally on us. If it'll help you appreciate that Susanne's performance of I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues was not "a musical train wreck", and was in fact ace (and indeed to appreciate that both Sam and Mark were rubbish, despite your comments to the contrary), then the expenditure on our part will be utterly worth it.

Well, think about it, at least.

(This can still be part of Sophie Ellis-Bextor week, given that Susanne sounds a bit like her. Sometimes.)


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