Saturday, November 08, 2003

Iconic Sophie Moment #3

The entire video to Murder on the Dancefloor. Let's face it - it's camp as tits, isn't it? Sophie dances with a buff hottie and tries to fix a dance contest by tripping/spiking the drinks of/ripping the outfits of the other contestants. And all so she can win a lovely pair of shoes.

Although why she wants/needs the lovely pair of shoes is a little beyond me. If I'd been able to get the screengrab I wanted, I would have demonstrated to you the fucking stunning pair of Gina boots that Sophie wore in the video. They may not have been the most suitable attire in the world for dancing, but they were a masterpiece of engineering. I bet there wasn't a woman/gayer watching that video who didn't want to own those boots.

Still, she wins in the end. Which is lovely. But not as lovely as her boots.


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