Friday, November 07, 2003

Iconic Sophie Moment #2

Parading down a street in the Get Over You video, freeing all the mannequins from the prisons of their shop windows in a tongue-in-cheek look at her modelling career. How very ace.

There are two things you should note here: (1) Yes, I am well aware that the above screencap is from the Take Me Home video. But screencaps from any other Sophie video seem to be harder to come by than good cover versions by Atomic Kitten. (2) Since I've been so rubbish at updating the site this week, Sophie Ellis-Bextor Week will continue until further notice. Hurrah!

STOP PRESS: The almighty FairyCakes has pointed me in the right direction for Sophie screencaps. So while I still can't find one of her boots in the Murder video (goddammit!), I can at least change the above picture to one that's actually from the correct video. Thank you, Almighty FairyCakes!


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