Monday, October 20, 2003

Hilary: duff?

We're losing sleep here at Panda Towers. And no, it's nothing to do with that ferret that keeps climbing in through the window at night and biting our toes. And no, it's nothing to do with the veritable cornucopia of buff hotties that are queuing for twenty miles down the street*. No, our loss of sleep stems mainly from the fact that Hilary "Lizzie McGuire" Duff is launching a pop career.

Deep into the night you can hear the high-pitched squeals of "what is to be done with this Hilary Duff?" You see, on the one hand, she was associated with the Lizzie McGuire TV show, and as such we are sort of honour bound to love her. But, on the other hand, what I've heard of her music so far appears to fall into the category of "watered-down Avril Lavigne", which isn't good. I mean, 'So Yesterday' is catchy, but it's just so wet that after it gets into your head it slops back out of your ears.

So in short our chief problem right now appears to be wanting her to be acer than she actually is. As problems go, it's not exactly insurmountable, but I'll bet ten-to-one that 'So Yesterday' turns out to be the high point of the album.

Now all I need is my little animated alter-ego to pop up and demonstrate for the slow-of-thinking that this upsets me. Um...cartoonist? Hello?

*This may have only happened in a dream I had last Tuesday.


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