Thursday, October 16, 2003

The Panda Pops Award for Best Use of Almost No Clothes in a Video!

We're beginning to think that trapping all the celebrities in here for the entire week was a bit of a mistake. We had to cave in a little and let Heidi from Sugababes leave after she fainted. This may or may not have had something to do with our failure to provide adequate catering. Though we remained firm and told Mutya and Keisha that unless they fainted too, they weren't going anyway. Funny, they didn't seem to want to eat the carrots we provided for dinner today. Anyway, if we're all strong enough to stand, it's time for the Panda Pops Award for Best Use of Almost No Clothes in a Video,

And the winner is...
Blu Cantrell, for Breathe!

Well, this was pretty much a runaway winner. Good old Blu, bless her. Still not quite ready to leave the (alleged) pornographic past behind her, was she? So skimpy outfits were the order of the day. Just as well, really. They serve well to detract attention from the fact that her face was caked in twelve feet of make-up, and the fact that she pulls such odd faces when she sings. A deserving winner.

BLU SAYS: This statue's going to need more make-up.

Honourable mention goes to: Christina Aguilera. Well, she had to feature in this category somewhere, didn't she?

The final award tomorrow, everyone. I think the slebs are quite pleased by that thought...


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