Tuesday, October 14, 2003

The Panda Pops Award for Best Overtly Dramatic Moment in a Song!

There's been some unrest since the revelation of yesterday's award. Possibly because the many celebrities in the audience here at our top-secret venue were somewhat displeased to learn they aren't allowed to leave the room until the last award has been given out on Friday. We even caught that cheeky young scamp Matt from Busted trying to pee into an empty wine bottle, but we clipped him smartly round the ear and told him he'll just have to hold it in until Friday night like the rest of us. Anyway, on with the next award:

And the winner is...
Delta Goodrem, for Innocent Eyes!

This was a clear favourite with the judges. The frankly bonkers piano crescendo in the middle of Innocent Eyes absolutely makes the song, and blew the competition right out of the water. The fact that the accompanying video has Delta going all Kate Bush on us didn't exactly hinder her chances either.

Sadly Delta couldn't be here in person to accept her award (the rumours that she was too busy stuffing slutty Edwina's mouth with peanut clusters are, so far, unsubstaniated), and there must have been a slight problem with the live satellite link-up, because instead of Delta's heartfelt acceptance speech, we got this lovely picture of a puppy. Enjoy.

Honourable mention goes to: Sugababes, for the middle eight of "Round Round". The main reason this didn't win is that we'd have had to give the award to Heidi because she sings that bit, but we were worried that Mutya and Keisha would come round and bully us into giving them awards too.

Another award tomorrow!


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