Thursday, October 09, 2003

Please check your credibility at the door... I have had to do, with the shameful realisation that I really like the new Phixx single.

On paper it didn't look very promising (well, would you be enthused at the prospect of a record from the five people the public deemed "not good enough to be in One True Voice"?), but against all odds it's a corker. It's very 80s sounding (anything Holly Valance can do...), and much funkier than anything OTV ever managed. And while the dominatrix video might look a bit try-too-hard, at least it doesn't look like a joint Burtons/Mondeo advert.

It's almost as if Duran Duran never went away (must remember to tell my brother, he'll be ever so pleased). And even better, one of them's a genuine real-life gayer, so they say.

There's currently a vacant space on the shelf labelled "Panda Pops' favourite boyband". We had Triple 8 up there for a while, but after an embarrassing interview in Boyz and a duff second single, we kindly set them free. And we're loathe to put Busted up there, since they're not technically a boyband, due to the instruments and the lack of dancing. So, should we put Phixx in this position? Let's examine the evidence:
- Funky first single? Check.
- Video showing lots of flesh? Check.
- Token gayer? Check.
- Do we fancy one of them? Ah...
Yes, technically we don't fancy one of them yet. But that's not being ruled out, since we've decided anything's possible after realising we fancied one of Blazin' Squad. Possibly even two.

So we're willing to grant Phixx temporary space on the Panda Pops' Favourite Boyband shelf, to be reviewed in two weeks' time. Mark your cards, boys.


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