Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Ambassador, with these Obscure Buff Hotties you are really spoiling us...

It's time for another Obscure Buff Hottie, I know you can't wait. Today's is slightly less obscure than yesterday's, but by way of a hilarious mix-up, I found his picture whilst searching for someone else's, and didn't have the heart not to include him.

Tuesday's Obscure Buff Hottie: Christopher Gorham

Christopher Gorham plays (or should I say played) Harrison John in the sadly defunct and much-missed US high school drama Popular. Notable moments of his on the show included when he bleached his hair to show support for his female friends (and looked propa buff lol omg), and when he turned "evil", after being seemingly possessed by the bone marrow of ├╝ber-bitch Nicole Julian (which made us a little bit hot under the collar). You may also have seen him appearing in Saved by the Bell: The New Class (although we appear to have missed that particular episode), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (playing the ghost of a Sunnydale High student from the 1950s), Sky One's recent sci-fi drama Odyssey 5, and as convenience of numbers would have it, in Party of Five. We didn't watch this show, but we're reliably informed his character turned out to be a gayer. Hurrah! Christopher Gorham, we salute ye.


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