Friday, August 15, 2003

Proper Jobs For Failed Popstars
Part One: Lisa Maffia

We miss having a special feature now that our top five ugliest boybands have been revealed. So we came up with another.

There have been reports that Lisa Maffia's album First Lady hasn't been selling all that well, so she's an ideal candidate for our first career makeover.

Panda Pops says: Lisa Maffia should be apprenticed to a tailor.

Think about it: she used to work in Next, so she has experience in the clothing retail sector. And we've also made up a kick ass theme song for her:

Who's got the in-seam, keeping it tight?
Liiiiiiiiiiiiisa Maffia!
Remember what they say yah, I'm a tailor
The fabric's in the storeroom and it's taffeta
It's taffeta! It's taffeta!

Note: Panda Pops holds no responsibility for the failure of Lisa Maffia's career in any industry.


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