Monday, August 11, 2003

Exclusive! OTV score Top Five Hit!

Yes, at number five in our top five ugliest boybands chart, it's those lovely hopefuls from Popstars Colon The Rivals, One True Voice.

They get a relatively low-placing because they're not hugely ugly, they're just considerably less attractive than one might expect a boyband to be. And always look like a Burton advert. This will, I'm sure, not cause the boys any distress because they are not a boyband but a Male Vocal Harmony Group. Obviously the harmonies are getting somewhat weaker now there are only three of them.

NB: If Keith leaves as well and Evil Matt and Gaymie go on to become the male tATu as Michael has predicted, then they will be removed from the Top Five Ugliest Boybands list and go straight to the top of the Top Five Best Ideas Ever list.

Number Four will be revealed tomorrow...


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