Thursday, August 07, 2003

Nee naw! Nee naw! It's the House Doctor!

Here at Panda Towers, we rather like House Doctor, as you might have guessed. We particularly liked this week's hopeful home-seller, Helen, who went along with everything Ann Maurice suggested, but had very sensible views on the whole thing.


1. Helen and her two young daughters having to paint over the wall where they'd marked all their heights from a very young age. My heart wrenched, it did.
2. Helen making the following speech: "I realise my bed is big. But if people can't come in here, look at the room and think, 'yeah, that's a big bed, but mine isn't as big as that, so I'll have this much more room', then I think that's a bit sad, frankly." Helen, we salute you, and your entire outlook on life.
3. The suggestion that Alistair dressed up as Snow White when playing with the kids. We're not pervy at all.


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