Friday, August 15, 2003

It's Friday, it's still number one, it's the Panda Pops Ugliest Boyband!*

For anyone who doesn't know (i.e. quite a lot of people in the UK who didn't give a rat's ass when they tried to launch a career over here), O-Town were the band created by MTV's Making The Band, and in my book they take the ugliest boyband trophy with a hop, skip and a jump ahead of all their competitors. Ick.

How they ever managed to have any hits at all I will never know. As well as being strikingly ugly, they also came across in the show as being utterly unpersonable. And one of them has grown horrible Howard Donald-style dreadlocks that look manky. And one of them's called Trevor. Dan's quite pretty, but in a bland sort of way. So yup, O Town take the cake. Now please go away, boys, you're scaring the children...

*Lawsuit from Top of the Pops pending...


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