Sunday, December 14, 2003

The time to state an allegiance...

Now, we gave up watching Pop Idol when Susanne left. Frankly, any voting public who thought that she was only fifth-best of all the contenders this year doesn't deserve a Pop Idol. Although we were quite pleased when Chris made his (long overdue) exit last week. And we were also pleased to learn that Sam went this week. So, although we won't be watching the final, here's a reminder of our feelings:

It's hilarious in the extreme that Mark made the final twelve, let alone the final two. He's a competent enough singer, but he's no pop star. A pub singer at best, we feel. No offence to pub singers or anything, but it's a completely different art. So, a hilarious joke, good for him etc. But he can't be allowed to win, that would just be silly.

Michelle, if you'll recall, wasn't our favourite. In fact she was our third-favourite, behind Susanne and Roxanne. But since all the boys apart from Andy have been rubbish this year, we're backing Michelle to win. Go on, you can see how much she wants it. Vote for Michelle.

Just out of interest, why are people voting for Mark? He's so generally rubbish. The only thing I can think of is that all along people have been confusing him with the other Marc, who may not have been a brilliant contender either, but was at least very pretty. See?

Yum. Come to papa.


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