Wednesday, December 03, 2003

What's the big Deal? (Part Two)

First of all, I'd like to apologise for not having updated the Blog over the past few days, for I have been stricken with a foul illness that rendered me incapable of getting out of bed for the most part. But luckily my mum was around to wait on me hand and foot, and worry about me as mothers do.

Since my brief holiday in my home town is coming to an end on Friday, I'm afraid my guide to Deal for the discerning pop fan may be a little incomplete. But I shall soldier on and talk to you today about the lovely Deal Castle, which is managed by the lovely people at English Heritage. Please excuse the gaps in my history, I'm a little rusty. Deal Castle was originally part of the Cinque Ports castles, commissioned by King Henry VIII to protect the south-east's coastline from a French invasion. Sadly, not all of the Cinque Ports are still standing today (Sandown Castle is long gone), but I can confirm that Deal, Walmer and Dover Castles are still standing tall and proud.

Deal Castle is ace because you can play in the moat, or go and sit astride a cannon on the ramparts and look out to sea. It is also very popular with local/touring theatre companies who like to put on Shakespeare and similar plays in the evenings. It's really nice to grow up somewhere with a castle because it develops your imagination and sense of adventure. So, if you ever find yourself in Deal (God help you), then the Castle is well worth a visit, because history isn't always lame.


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