Sunday, November 23, 2003

Chris and Mark: a refresher course

Now, just in case anyone wasn't listening last time:


Is there anyone who is yet to get to grips with this? Because I'm very concerned to find out who on earth is voting for these people, particularly after they were both so dire on Saturday night and somehow survived. I'm absolutely flabbergasted (there's an underused word!) that Susanne is currently getting so much bad press for being inconsistent and hitting bum notes, when to my mind Chris and Mark have both been consistently pretty terrible, and this week was no exception. Roxanne may have not been the best performer this week, but there is no way she was worse than Chris or Mark. (Incidentally, I've resigned myself to the fact that Sam gets votes because he is young and cute, and is a dead cert for the final.)

But it seems that Susanne is likely to be next to depart, and then Pop Idol will have officially turned to shit. Sorry, but that's how it is.

And, since Nicki Chapman is so obviously in love with Chris and Mark, I'd love to know what she has in her ears. Or indeed between them.


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