Saturday, November 15, 2003

Hypnosis experiment marginally successful

We're pleased to report that (we hope in some little part to our own efforts, if not the advertising her voteline number on this site, then at least voting three times ourselves) Susanne Manning has survived to sing another week on Pop Idol. However, we are somewhat distressed that this happened at the expense of Andy "1SL" Scott-Lee, who left the competition this week. Andy may have had a rubbish hairdo, but he was a very sweet, engaging person and delivered a couple of stunning performances during his tenure.

However, since Susanne was in the bottom two this week, much more work is needed from you people. It's Beatles week next week, which should give her a little more scope to find a song that suits her, but we cannot rest on our laurels. If she goes out before we're rid of Rubbish Chris and Rubbish "I'm Will, I Am" Sam, there will be no balance between good and evil in the world and we'll all have evil demon counterparts following us around. Or something.


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