Friday, November 21, 2003

Boys = rubbish

Regular visitors to the site (I think there may actually be six of them now) will know that I'm rather fond of boys. Particularly buff ones. And hotties. And especially buff hotties. But the above comment doesn't relate to boys in general, but rather to this year's Pop Idol, specifically since Andy Scott-Lee disappeared this week. This means that the three remaining boys, Chris, Mark and Sam, are all Rubbish and Evil:

Chris is Rubbish because he does that ridiculous warbling thing that only works if you're Christina Aguilera. Which he isn't. Mark is Rubbish because he's cheesier than Darius singing 'That's Amore' in a pizza kitchen. And Sam is Rubbish because he's so ear-achingly bland. And because he thinks he's Will, which he most certainly is not.

Now, while the girls may not be perfect, I have decided that I officially want a girl to win this year, because the standard of their game is so much higher:

Michelle I probably like the least of the three, because I find her performance style a little bland, but I can't deny she gets better each week. Roxanne has surprised me consistently with the charm and power of her vocals. Her 'Can You Feel It' this past week was a triumph. But ideally I'd like Susanne to win because I adore her charm, her voice and her sense of style. And I think she'd be the most difficult popstar of the three, and hence the most interesting, in a manner not dissimilar to Will.

So, Susanne to win please. And if not her, Roxanne. And if not them, Michelle. And please show the other three the door.

(Please note: no expense was spared in doctoring the above pictures. Because no expense was actually spent.)


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