Monday, July 07, 2003

Will there be catastrophic circumstances if the e-mails and dot coms capture the world?

This was a question posed by Alisha's Attic some six or seven years ago, one which has largely remained unanswered until now. I think the answer to their question is an emphatic yes.

The reason for my certainty on this matter is that I had my desktop at work updated a few weeks ago, with the standard promise that it would revolutionise my working life. Sadly, it was one of those revolutions that turns out to be a bit pointless and succeeds only in stopping people from getting any work done. My computer now freezes every time I try to print a document in Word, and given that I am a paperwork lackey, I often have need to print up to 80 documents a day. Imagine my pain when this happens, and a simple job takes me about four hours.

It seems possible that I may need anger management therapy, as my general reaction to this situation was to throw my monitor and CPU out of the window, kick seven shades of arse out of my desk, and run around the IT department on a killing spree. The only way I could calm myself down was think of ways in which I could imagine myself torturing Kate Bloody Lawler. An all-purpose antidote if ever there were.


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