Saturday, July 12, 2003

We skate as we date as we slowly suffocate...

I know I promised an intelligent post today, but I think this is close enough. Every so often a truly momentous event takes place in this world that cannot pass without comment. The premiering of a new Girls Aloud video is one such case.

The video for Life Got Cold was premiered on The Saturday Show this morning, following months of speculation by the posters on the Popjustice Messageboard as to what shape the video might take.

At first, the video seems a little disappointing in comparison to the chills-inducing videos for Sound of the Underground and No Good Advice. There's no Tales of the Unexpected-style special effects, no tambourine-led dance routines and certainly no cages in sight. However, I'm not prepared to dismiss this as a bad thing. There's a stillness to the video that is somehow fitting to the song. It's sombre and thoughtful and just a little bit mournful. Admittedly, I don't think anyone would be surprised upon seeing this video (it's exactly the sort of video you'd expect to accompany a song like Life Got Cold), and it would have been nice for The Aloud to push a few boundaries in this video, but as long as they don't intend to rest on their laurels for long, they shall be forgiven.

Of course, by far the mightiest thing about this promo is the righting of six months' worth of wrongs by the inclusion of much Nicola. She may now be permitted to shine like the star we all know she is.

La Nicola: even on fire, she's still cool.


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