Friday, July 25, 2003

We've not had a post about stupidity for a while...

...but that doesn't mean people have suddenly got more intelligent. Oh, no.

Some things, then.

1) Telephone users of the world, please note: if you dial a wrong number, and I am the one who picks up the phone, it is not my fault that I am not the person you want to speak to. It is particularly not my fault if you phoned me the day before, at which time I pointed out that I was not the person you wanted and put you in touch with them. Doing the exact same thing the next day and then huffing and puffing when I inform you that I am still not the right person makes you very stupid indeed.

2) Lift users of the world, please note: just because the doors have opened does not mean it's your floor. Most lifts are equipped with displays to tell you which floor you are currently at. Many even speak to you to tell you this information. Paying attention to it takes almost no brainpower whatsoever, so please take advantage of these wonderful considerations of Otis and their ilk.

3) People who are voting for Cameron to win Big Brother, please note: what the hell is wrong with you???


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