Thursday, July 31, 2003

Bang the big drum - it's House Doctor!

It's bordering on an obsession and frankly I don't even care. This new series of House Doctor is proving to be unmissable television in this house. There's been one particular development in this series of which I particularly approve. Previously, Alistair was always the straight man (so to speak) to Ann Maurice's no-nonsense home-selling solutions. He turned up at the right moments, the epitome of nice-and-shininess, dispensing bon mots and providing a shoulder to cry on if necessary. But this series there's something more mischievous about him - whenever he appears with the tape that shows the unsuspecting vendors what the viewers thought of their house, he's squirming with glee at the thought of watching the tape and - more importantly - the vendors' reactions. Alistair's going to the dark side - and I like it.

1. Alistair falling off a skateboard whilst demonstrating that Milton Keynes has a large population of young people. Bless.
2. Longterm fans of the show will know that Alistair makes every effort to avoid actually doing any of the renovation. But on the return from the break we witnessed Alistair in one of the team's House Doctor T-shirts, getting ready to lend a hand - before he was asked to make the tea. It was a rather snugly-fitting T-shirt. He looked buff. We likey.
3. Elaine (one of the vendors) returning to the house to see Ann's handiwork, and being so chuffed that she shed a few tears. Heartwarming. (See, we don't just focus on Alistair...)

And there'll be more from my insane obsession with Alistair and Ann next week...


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