Friday, May 09, 2003

Daddy told me look into the future, sit at your computer, be a good girl...

Well Daddy, that's what I'm doing, but frankly I just appear to be developing all-new ways of wasting my time. You didn't think that one through very clearly, did you?

Yes, it's yet another late evening and the bored Panda is waiting for the uncut Buffy rerun. The Panda is also dead impressed that the mighty Mr Popjustice has seen fit to link to this blog on his site. A few people whom I don't appear to know have also done this. So I say a hearty thank you to one and all. Unfortunately, this now leaves me with the pressure of making regular and interesting updates, a task I fear I will fail on both counts.

On the subject of blogging, it's come to my attention that my blog is rather plain and dull-looking with rather a lot of wasted screen space. I have also noticed that a lot of other blogs published on are, to put it bluntly, not. Being as I am not terribly au fait with modern technology (unless I'm trying to search for naked pictures of Sparx Triple 8), I would appreciate it if anyone wanted to tell me ways I could brighten up the site with sidebars and stuff. Suggestions and bamboo stalks to, if you'd be so kind.


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